Sales Growth (Ref: BM-113)

Tags: fmcg, Census, Sales Growth, GPS trackers, Increase Sales

The client, a multinational FMCG company, sells exclusively through wholesalers and distributors in the Philippines.  The national sales management team believed that their wholesalers could increase sales, but lacked the evidence to prove this conclusively.



Identifying the sales “universe”, then comparing this with the results of their wholesalers sales & marketing efforts.



Lost sales opportunity, diminishing market share, poor brand recognition, failure to meet growth targets.



Paperless Trail was commissioned to conduct a “census” of all potential sales outlets in a given territory, to survey which of the outlets were carrying the customers brands, and to map the results.  Concurrently we monitored the wholesalers salesmen and delivery vehicles for a full months order cycle, and using GPS trackers, overlaid the census/survey results with the routes taken by the salesman and delivery vehicles.


When the results of both activities were compared, the conclusions were obvious, the wholesaler was simply not selling to significant geographical areas.  When we added the population layer, we were able to measure the missed opportunity.  Results, a 40% increase in sales in 2 months, 100% increase in 6 months.

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