Enterprise Vehicle Tracking

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Enterprise Vehicle Tracking is designed for fleet and personnel tracking. It comes with a dashboard with live updates of the status of all vehicles. The dashboard can lead a user to drill-downs to trip logs or a map tracking window.


Tracks assets like cars, trucks, personnel and others. Ideal for Enterprise fleet tracking. Each asset reports more than 480 positions per day, so fleet managers can see every route or pattern detail. Asset tracker comes with a perpetual license, no need for expensive and misleading monthly subscriptions. For the security sensitive operations Asset Tracker is hosted on the customer's servers.

Designed for Security Sensitive Operations

Asset Tracker is designed to manage various types of assets from vehicles, equipment and personnel. It reports at a whopping minimum of 480 points per day or roughly 14,400 points per day.

24 x 7 Tracking

Asset Tracker logs your assets whereabouts every 3 minutes all day long.

Virtual Fences

Asset Tracker uses complex (GIS / Digital Map) virtual fences to ensure compliance to specific areas of operation. Alrts on area breaches.