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Command Center and Emergency Response Software

SCADA helps emergency response operations centers manage incidents. It provide an interface for locationg events and the nearest responders.

Risk Mitigation

SCADA keeps track of events, event types, long term statistics for what type of incidents happen, and where they happen. This  Allows authorities to put in place effective and efficient risk mitigation procedures and actions.

An example would be vehicular accidents. Over time, planners get to see high occurences of accidents and may put in place lights and proper signs.
Government health services may also use Incident Reporter to track outbreaks of dengue fever and other dangerous diseases in the Philippines.

Strategic Location of Response Assets

With a historical view of all the various types of emergencies or incidents, Planners can pin point specific locations where resources are needed or not needed. This helps make better use of scarce resources.

Business Mapper at PLDT Digicon June 2017

Here is the video of the Business Mapper SCADA Command Center Showcase.

Integrated Telemetry

SCADA can itegrate with a wide variety of devices. All information can be merged into one Tactical Display that uses a map.

Wireless CCTV

SCADA can use existing CCTV cameras or wireless cameras. Wireless cameras offer a great cost effective benefits. With wireless cables, there is no need for new infrastructure and cabling, and no more monthly bandwidth fees for the camera.

Rain Gauges

SCADA can integrate with rain gauges to get rainfall information in real time.

Water Level Sensors

SCADA can integrate with water level sensors for early warning. Water level sensors are strategically placed on feeder water bodies that causes floods. Water level alerts can be programmed to alert operators.

Vehicle Tracking

SCADA can track police, as well as fire and ambulatory vehicles 24x7. This ensures that authorities know who the nearest responders are at any given time.