Did you know that 80% of sales decisions happen at POS? (Ref: BM-134)

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Monitoring Retail Merchandise

The retail industry in the Philippines and around the world is highly competitive, and the ability to have an edge over your competition in terms of being able to effectively plan, organize and strategize your merchandise distribution, placement and visibility of your products to maximize customer penetration is crucial.

Audit Point of Sale (POS) Compliance in Real Time

How products are presented to consumers at the point sale (POS) is so important. Simple things can make a lot of difference to the consumer. These merchandising POS practices have been studied and practiced for ages. The challenge is, its very difficult to do audits without the right tools.

  • Display share 3x3 at least
  • Eye Level
  • Clean and well arranged
  • Stocked at all times

Live Connect can empower Manufacturers or Brand Managers to execute these audits using existing staff.

The Good (Maggi good display share, good width, Surf good share, width, a bit high, could be improved by asking for exclusivity)

The Bad (Out of stock, sizing variations, not enough height and width,  generally a mess)

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