Customer or Account Audits (BM-142)

Tags: Customer Audits, account audits, gis

A Customer mapping excercise in Luzon.

Why doing a survey of your customers is a good practice.

The following are some of the benefits associated with customer surveys;

Transitioning or on-boarding new Sales Personnel.

Sales people come and go. Customer mapping leaves a trail of history such as coverage, saturation of an area, and photos to add a visual dimension.

Audit or Validation of Customer Classifications

Brand Managers often classify Customers for various reasons.  Customer mapping provides visual and location data, this helps validate the proper classification.

Photos give more information

Brand Managers often based in the headquarters can get a glimpse of what specific Customers are like.  Business size, POS displays, stocking, foot traffic, their Customer volume and much more.

Get to see how your point of sale materials are being used

Are your point of sale materials or promotional investments used properly?  Are your chillers filled with your brand or someone elses?

Business Mapper Team